Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel Tour has been one of our most popular tours for many years. Your coach leaves Killarney at 9am and the first stop is in Mallow. You can have a quick cup of tea and stretch your legs before we hit the road again. Next stop, the Rock of Cashel, in the beautiful county of Tipperary.


This magnificent site has a number of structures that date from the 12th Century onwards. There is a story that in the 5th Century, St Patrick converted the King of Munster (Aenghus) to Christianity. This makes sense as the Rock of Cashel was the seat of the High Kings of Munster. However, they left little evidence of their presence in the form of buildings or other structural elements.

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St Patrick banishes the Devil

The Rock of Cashel is situated on a spectacular outcrop of limestone which affords exceptional views across the Golden Vale. Of course, local legends have it another way and tell us that the Rock of Cashel originally came from the Devil’s Bit area.  St Patrick decided to banish Satan from a cave in this area. Subsequently, the Rock landed 20 miles away to the south. This rock became the foundations of the world famous Rock of Cashel. I know which story I prefer!

The Round Tower

A round tower, dating from the 12th Century, is the oldest existing structure on the site. The tower is approximately 90 feet high with the entrance point 12 feet from the ground. Further to this structure is Cormac’s Chapel. Named after the King Cormac Mac Carthaigh, building began in 1127, with consecration subsequently taking place in 1134. Architectural elements include influences from Europe in combination with native influences. Sandstone was the predominant building material for this chapel.  Restorative works have been carried out with a view to lessening the risk of damage from water/damp.


A cathedral was also built on the site in the 13th Century. Construction took approximately 35 years, reaching completion by 1270. This building has no aisles and is based on a cruciform shape utilising a central tower which terminates to the west. At this point is found a 15th Century Castle adjoining the Cathedral structure.


At 2pm we begin the return journey to Killarney giving you plenty of time to discuss the historical nature of the trip. You will also be able to review your photographs and videos, perhaps posting them to social media. At 5pm we arrive back in Killarney giving you plenty of time to enjoy your evening.


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