9 Best Ireland Bus Tours, Activities & Excursions 2020

9 Best Ireland Bus Tours

Full of jaw-dropping landscapes with ancient castles and rolling emerald hills, Ireland has a mystique informed in large part by its heritage of myths and legends. A bus tour around Ireland is an excellent way to tick off those special bucket-list spots.

Sample Irish shellfish to the sound of the pounding Atlantic? Go offshore in search of puffins? Take in some castle-hopping? We’ve got you covered with the best Irish tours on offer!

With so much on offer, you’ll have your work cut out trying to visit as much of marvelous Ireland as possible. To help you out, we here at O’Connors of Kerry give you an idea of the different Ireland trips available to you with our special list below.


King John’s Castle Limerick City at sunset
King John’s Castle Limerick City at sunset
  1.  Adare and King John’s Castle

With its picture-postcard main street of thatched cottages and medieval buildings, the village of Adare in Co. Limerick is rich in ancient and archaeological remains. Adare dates back to 1200AD and enjoys a unique beauty.

13th century King John’s Castle, on ‘King’s Island’ in the heart of medieval Limerick City, features a stunning exhibition bringing to life over 800 years of dramatic local history. Have fun exploring the castle, enjoy magnificent views and imagine a Norman soldier’s life in this medieval fortress.

For more information on how you can book your tour to Adare and King John’s Castle, click here.


  1. Blarney Castle

Unquestionably one of Ireland’s most historic and popular attractions, a visit to Blarney Castle, located just outside Cork City, will give you the opportunity to gain the ‘Gift of the Gab’. The legend goes that when people kiss the Blarney Stone, located within the castle ruins, they will be blessed with wit and wisdom that many Irish throughout history are famous for.


Blarney Castle itself remains partly in ruin but it is still a joy to walk the battlements to enjoy the view. The castle’s setting, in acres of parkland filled with rare and unusual trees and plants, offers visitors the chance to stroll in one of the country’s most spectacular gardens.

For more information on how you can book your Irish tour to the Blarney Castle, click here.


  1. Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

This is your opportunity to experience a window into Ireland’s past and discover the acclaimed 15th century Bunratty Castle and 19th century Bunratty Folk Park. The castle was restored to its former glory in the mid-20th century is home to a unique collection of medieval artifacts which help to set the atmosphere for the visitor of how this medieval castle would have looked in.

The Folk Park features a beautiful walled garden surrounding Bunratty House, a mystical fairy trail, a fun-filled Viking playground and an array of farm animals from donkeys, sheep, deer, goats, ducks, and cows. Something for everyone!

For more information on how you can book escorted tours of Ireland, click here.


  1. Cliffs of Moher Tour

They say no trip around Ireland is complete without a visit to the stunning Cliffs of Moher situated in Co. Clare that tower over 700 feet above sea level.


As the sea spray fills the air with the invigorating freshness of the Wild Atlantic Way, the surrounding landscape itself is a marvel of natural delights. It is Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction and when you visit the breathtaking seascape, you will understand why.

Guide Tip: If you want to see the Puffins or head to a quiet spot just ask your driver the way to a more tranquil experience.

For more information on how you can book your tour to the Cliffs of Moher, click here.


  1. Cork City and Cobh, Titanic Centre and Middleton


Often described as the most charming city in Ireland, Cork city offers plenty of culture and history for people of all ages. Neatly nestled along the River Lee, you will be met with historic streets, cathedrals and some of the oldest Viking settlements in the world.

Next up is a visit to the last port of the ill-fated Titanic journey in Cobh. A superb heritage center here offers visitors a unique vantage point as you are transported back in time to the impact of the sinking of the Titanic.

Finally, a stop in Middleton provides whiskey connoisseur’s an opportunity to sample some of Ireland’s smoothest whiskeys.

For more information on how you can book your Irish tours to the Cork City, Titanic Centre and Middleton, click here.


  1. Dingle and Slea Head Tour

Nestled in the West Kerry Gaeltacht (Irish speaking area) and with a spectacular landscape, the Dingle and Slea Head tour explores the rich and diverse mixture of its archaeological sites and history, its flora and fauna, music and culture and a myriad of other attractions.

A stop in Dingle will provide you with great food, traditional Irish music and if your lucky you might catch a glimpse at Dingle’s resident dolphin “Fungi”! During the trip, you will pass some of the most scenic and rugged areas of Ireland.

For more information on how you can book your tour to Dingle and Slea Head, click here.


  1. Ring of Beara, Healy Pass, and Garnish Island

In a nutshell, the Ring of Beara is the scenic route from Kenmare to Glengarriff (or vice versa), an 86-mile loop taking in some of the wildest nooks and crannies in the southwest.

Taking its travelers through the scenic vistas of the Healy Pass, The Wild Atlantic Way, the Sheen Valley, and the authentic towns of the Beara Peninsula, The Ring of Beara is a glimpse into Ireland at its wildest. The hidden gem that is Garnish Island is world-renowned for its beautiful gardens.

For more information on how you can book your tour to the Ring of Beara, Healy Pass, and Garnish Island, click here.


  1. Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is one of Ireland’s most famous circuits, reaching up to 180-kilometres and is a jewel in Ireland’s crown. Much more than a simple driving route, the Ring of Kerry is an iconic destination wrapped in a stunning visual history, with diverse wildlife scattered across Ireland’s lush green hills.

From island-studded Atlantic panoramas to cozy traditional pubs, prepare to meet a masterpiece as the Ring of Kerry works its magic from rugged coastline to charming villages and buzzing towns.

For more information on how you can book your tour to the Ring of Kerry, click here.


  1. Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel, located in Co. Tipperary is one of Ireland’s most spectacular archaeological sites. Sturdy walls circle an enclosure containing a round tower, a 13th-century Gothic cathedral and the finest 12th-century Romanesque chapel in Ireland, home to some of the land’s oldest frescoes.

It’s a five-minute stroll from the town center up to the Rock, from where fantastic views range over the countryside.

According to legend, the Rock of Cashel appeared when the devil took a bite from the mountain known as the Devil’s Bit and spat it back out. It landed in the middle of Tipperary’s countryside and became the Rock of Cashel.

For more information on how you can book your tour to the Rock of Cashel, click here.

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