Airport Transfers

Phone numbers/whatsapp numbers for the chaffeur bus driver will be provided before your departure. Also we will give the coach driver a big sign.

Yea. Whichever Airport in Ireland is the most convientent for you to fly into/out of, use it. We can arrange collection and drop off around you. We will also arrange your bus tour from that starting point to avoid running circles around the country.

Answer the usual questions

Where would you like your coach driver to meet the group?
Why do you want a bus tour around Ireland?
What do you want to see? Cliffs of Moher, rock of cashel, dingle peninsula, Lakes of Killarney, etc..
A budget, what you want from us and what you want from the coach tour. We are here to give you what you want. That’s what we get paid to do. Say what you want to see, go and do and we will organise and facilitate.

Yes, O’ Connors of Kerry’s entire fleet is fitted with seat belts and Irish legislation requires that they are worn at all times.

Yes providing they can embark and disembark the vehicle unaided. However, O’ Connors of Kerry can accommodate a limited number of wheelchairs per trip, please discuss this with us at the time of booking.

Yes, the staff at Dublin Mini Coaches have a good knowledge of many attractions and destinations as well as suitable refreshment break locations. We are happy to help and advise.

O’ Connors of Kerry confirms everything in writing before you depart and we provide you with the drivers telephone number.

The price paid does not include a tip. As is standard across the globe these days if you feel your O’ Connors of Kerrys chauffeur/driver has been friendly and courteous, then a small tip is the norm, but this is not compulsory, the choice is entirely yours.

O’ Connors of Kerry operates 24 hours for planned bookings, we monitor all incoming flights so it does not matter how delayed your flight is, or how early it is, our chauffeur/driver will be waiting for you. Delays of 1 or more hours incur additional charges.

O’ Connors of Kerry chauffeurs/drivers normally wait 60 minutes for you before making any enquiries. They will then check with the information desk and request that your name is paged, then wait another 10 minutes before leaving the terminal. We strongly recommend that you telephone us if you think it will take you/your group more than one hour to clear customs so that we can advise our chauffeur/driver and adjust our schedules if necessary.

The majority of our fleet is equipped with on board Wi-Fi which is free to all passengers. The service is based on mobile data so the signal may be lost on parts of the journey or in more rural areas. We recommend you download any essential information prior to boarding as we cannot guarantee a good connection once we are moving. We are continuously working with our provider to improve the service but certain issues such as network coverage are outside of our control.

Booking/Paying for your trip

Yes we do. They are accept widely from the Giants Causeway to Cobh, From Dublin to Killarney town.

Yea, we just need a few days to clear it.

Yes – You can make payments securely online with your credit/debit card via PayPal.
Please note: You do not need a PayPal account to make an online secure payment using PayPal.


That is the easiest way for all of us. Details will be supplied when needed.

We will refund the initial deposit for your Ireland coach trip within two weeks of the booking, plans change. We get it. After that, we won’t be able to refund the deposit because we will have already researched the trip, made inquiries and allocated buses and drivers.
Cancellation should be done in an email.

Directly to our bank account is the easiest. We will provide the details.

We accept credit card payments too. Cheque’s are good too but they will need time to clear.

We will advise on this. At times a few families or groups will be involved and it can take time to get money together. We’ve been there, we understand.

We will advise on this. At times a few families or groups will be involved and it can take time to get money together. We’ve been there, we understand.

Yea, it secures the booking. We don’t operate a massive fleet, so we need to have our buses and coaches on secured work to keep up the high stangards we strive for.

We can work with you on a deposit amount that suits both sides.

Day Tours & Excursions from Killarney/Co Kerry

Yes. This would be taken care of by our staff if the tour itinerary was planned by us.

We would prefer at least a months notice for bus tours in Irelands busy periods, May to October, but this isn’t always possible. We have never turned any one away.

Yes, if that is what you want. Bigger tour groups would generally have a driver and guide. The guide would guide the bus tour around Ireland, naturally, but also look after times, reservations and hotel check-ins/outs. Over see the smooth running of the tour. It cost extra but it does improve experiences. Most guides have their own stories and tales about all the attractions visited. They enhance the visit to The Cliffs of Moher or Galway and Connemara amoungst other places.

As flexible as you are generally. Having said that, when it comes to the best bus tours in Ireland or Northern Ireland and all the timings that go with it, we know best possibly….

We can indeed. We have provided bus and coaches all over the Ireland with donkeys years and we have the numbers and names of all the frequently visited attractions and golf courses.
A member of the team is an avaid golfer and has been bringing groups all over Ireland for years. Be it Adare Manor or Lahinch he has the knowledge of most golf courses in Ireland. Knows a lot of caddies by name and can generally pull some strings to tee arrange times.

Yes. We really enjoy this aspect of the job. We have years of experience of looking after bus tour groups all over the Island of Ireland. Whether it’s Bunratty Castle, the Rock of Cashel, Killarney National Park or Glenalough, we know all the best spots.

As we are a smaller coach company, we prioritise looking after tour groups rather than individual travellers. At the moment, we do not operate scheduled bus trips around Ireland. All tours need to be pre booked or preplanned to aid allocation of buses and drivers.


If the luggage has been left on a bus or coach, we will get it to you by hook or by crook.

General lost luggage on our Ireland tours or airline lost luggage: We will advise, assist and help to the best of our ability.

We provide on board wifi modems for an extra charge, nothing exorbatant just covering the cost and it will be cheaper than roaming charges.

I’m afraid not.

You can have a cold, plastic bottled non alcoholic beverage if you promise not to spill it.

Yes, we have a limited number. So, please let us know you want them. They are not kept on the buses and coaches generally.

Wheelchairs are so specialised nowaday that we don’t keep them in stock. But if you need one, let us know and we will more than likely source a standard one.


Yes, we do. Some of the best people we have ever worked with are Travel Agents and Tour Organisers. Building relationships with other professionals in the same field as ourselves is rewarding in most senses of the word.

Whichever suits you. All have their merits and a time.

An email to start is best, a rough draft and outline of what you want so we can get the ball rolling.

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