Cork City and Cobh, Titanic Centre and Midleton

Your Cork City and Cobh, Titanic Centre and Middleton Tour leaves Killarney at 8am. Journey time is about 90 mins to Cork City.

Cork City and Cobh Bus Tour

Titanic Centre and Midleton Bus Tour


Cork City

Cork city is a wonderful city to visit. Most people have Dublin on their itinerary when they come to Ireland for a holiday. Personally,  I think that Cork City has more charm and character by a country mile. It’s a real cultural gem with historic winding streets, churches, and cathedrals alongside some of the oldest Viking settlements in the world. For me, it has the most personality of any Irish city. You will be met with great restaurants, shops and an ever increasing number of decent coffee shops. Also, it is a much easier city to walk around than Dublin as it is more compact and neatly laid out next to the River Lee. We will be leaving Cork in the early afternoon, bound for Cobh.  This journey takes only 30 minutes.


Cobh is a familiar name the world over in maritime circles as it is the last port that the ill-fated Titanic visited. The ship, it was said, that God himself could not sink, departed from Cobh before meeting it’s fate. When you visit the Cobh Heritage Centre you will be transported back in time to fully understand the impact of the sinking of the Titanic.


Although the heritage centre is a fantastic resource, there is much more to Cobh. There is a distinctly Victorian feel to the architecture and street layout in this hidden gem. St Colman’s Cathederal overlooks the town with the 49 bell carillon dominating the sound scape of the town when the bells are ringing. Unique in Ireland, you can learn more about the workings and sounds of this feature by clicking here.


Cobh is also famed for it’s dining and rightly so! We suggest you look into sampling the fresh sea food delights available at a number of restaurants in the town.

Middleton & Titanic Centre

Ah, Middleton… the very name conjures up the unique nature of Irish Whiskey! If you are a connoisseur of all Irish food and drink then you simply must have a taste of Middleton Whiskey. Caramel, honey, vanilla and oak dominate the palate combined with the smoothness only Irish whiskey can give you. The tour at Middleton Distillery includes a discussion of the history of Irish Whiskey. I presume they will tell you the joke about the waste products being sold to farmers, concluding with the line ‘ and that is why you will find most of the cows in Ireland, mainly lying down’. It’s a line they seem to love! The tour is fascinating though, and generally includes a sample tasting session. Here, you will learn the difference between Bourbon, Scotch and Irish whiskies. I loved the tour but then again, I am a huge fan of Irish Whiskey!


Our tour includes a visit to the Titanic Centre in Cork, giving you the chance to learn about the rich history and culture of this famous ship.


Back in Killarney around 6 pm.


Price is dependent on group size. Please contact us to enquire about our special group rates.

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