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Blarney Castle dates all the way back to the 10th Century with the original structure built of wood. The current structure was built in the medieval period. It is stone-built and reaches nearly 100 feet in height. The MacCarthy dynasty completed this structure in 1446, replacing an earlier stone-built castle from 1210 Ad.


Blarney Castle is most famous for the legend of the ‘Blarney Stone’. The Blarney Stone is said to give the gift of erudition to those brave enough to kiss it. Over the years, the word ‘Blarney’ has been used to refer to flattering words and also ‘clever talk’. Legend suggests that in 1602 Queen Elizabeth 1st of England met with Cormac Teige MacCarthy. He is said to have pledged full loyalty to the Queen but never took steps to back up his words. Queen Elizabeth is thought to have responded to this with the following words. ‘This is all Blarney, he never means what he says and never does what he promises’. And hence, the word Blarney, meaning to flatter with soothing words, passed into the English language.


One must first take a deep breath before kissing the Blarney Stone. You then lean backward from the edge of a parapet while held by safety staff. This is to prevent the ‘kisser’ from danger. A firm grip should be taken on iron railings before leaning to kiss the stone. It is not for the faint-hearted!

A Typical Tourist Experience

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle remains partly in ruin but it is still a joy to walk the battlements to enjoy the view. A sense of history is palpable in this special place. The Blarney Stone is just a small part of the beauty of this Castle site.

Blarney Castle Gardens

Blarney Castle has one of the last remaining ‘poison gardens’ in Ireland. A poison garden is one where the plants are chosen for their killing ability rather than their nurturing capacity. The Medici Family of Italy helped to popularise such gardens during the medieval period. The plants in this garden are dangerous so you must enter at your own risk! More details are available before you enter the gardens.
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