Cliffs of Moher Tour

Located on the west coast of  Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher consist mainly of beds of Numarian shale and sandstone. The oldest rocks can be found at the bottom of the cliffs. These deposits have been set down over the last 300 to 400 million years.


As a person who has been there often, as you look out over the cliffs, lightly coated with sea-spray watching hundreds of birds fishing your soul will swoon. The sheer abundance of wildlife can make the geological facts and figures seem trivial. For me, it’s more about just looking, watching and listening. You will experience the majesty of the Cliffs of Moher and enjoy amazing photo opportunities. This tour is really all about the holistic experience and what the Cliffs awaken and stir inside you.

Cliffs of Moher Bus Tour


The Driver/Guide

Our driver will advise you about the best areas to take a wander. If you want to see the Puffins or head to a quiet spot just ask your driver the way.  It is easy to avoid the hustle and bustle of the tourist centre and enjoy a quieter experience at the Cliffs of Moher.

The Burren

This trip also includes a stop at the Burren, a Special Area of Conservation. This is more a facts and figures place, it’s just that kind of a landscape. It is a bare, barren rocky place that’s the translation of Burren. On first glance that’s what it appears to be. A lunar landscape almost. Just land of exposed limestone rock, sweeping out in long beds known as ‘clints’. In between these beds are narrow, deep gullys called ‘grykes’. These grykes often have grass growing inside them, disguising their depth – so be careful.


On strolling for a few minutes over these clints, you will begin to notice little flowers poking their heads up here and there. Unusual flowers. Some of these flowers appear in the tundra of Siberia, and others hale from the Mediterranean.  Mystery surrounds the exact way these often sweet smelling buds reached the Burren. All we know is that they grow side by side, sometimes curling around one another in this barren landscape. This is thanks to the unique limestone pavement, providing a lime-rich soil while also holding onto the suns heat like a huge thermal blanket. Limestone absorbs heat over the day, long summer days in Ireland’s northern latitude, radiating it overnight and generally staying cozy for months on end.


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