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The most knowledgeable and experienced tour bus operator is on hand to provide you with FREE help and advice on how to create your dream vacation around Ireland. There is nowhere too near or nowhere to far, from Kerry to Dublin we run it all.

Want some tips from someone who has covered almost every road in Ireland? Want to know the most scenic locations on the Emerald Isle and not only think about them but see them up close and personal? Then Thomas here at O’Connors Coaches of Kerry is the man to speak to! Thomas knows not only the in’s and out’s of every road across Ireland but he also knows the best locations to go visit and all the unmissable locations.

Thomas O'Connor Tour Operator

Speak freely with trusted tour operator Thomas as he discusses all the logistics, planning and burdensome tasks that can often lead to stress when organizing tours of Ireland.


Let us be your all in one Tour Operator for Ireland and take the planning off of your shoulders.

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For Truly Memorable and worthwhile Irish tours we look forward to hearing from you. Make your trip no matter where in Ireland it is, unforgettable with us here at O’Connors of Kerry.

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